The History of Concordia


    Concordia United Methodist Church started out as a class of 11 German speaking members in Sauk City in 1853. In 1870 this growing congregation became known as the “Friedens Gemeinde” (Peace Society) with services held in members’ homes. In 1872 a stone church was built in Sauk City near the village limits of Prairie du Sac in a section known as Middletown. By 1905 the congregation had grown to a membership of 238 prompting the decision to build a new church. This church was built in Prairie du Sac at 585 Fifth Street (at the corner of Fifth and Galena). The name on the red granite stone on the bell tower is “Friedens Kirche der Ev. Gemeinschaft” (Peace Church of the Evangelical Association). The photo on our home page and in the upper left corner of this page is that building. In the 1930’s the language of the Worship and Sunday School gradually changed from German to English. About this same time the name was changed to Concordia Evangelical Church.

    When the Evangelical and United Brethren churches united, our name changed to Concordia Evangelical United Brethren Church. In 1968 when the EUB and the Methodist churches merged, we became Concordia United Methodist Church. An Educational Unit was added in 1952 to meet the needs of an expanding Sunday School program.

    Today we have a membership of 172 with Sunday School classes from nursery to adult, meeting from September through May. Church programs include an active Youth group, Men’s Fellowship group, Children’s Choir, Chancel Choir, and a Handbell Choir. Our member activities in the surrounding community range from elective office to volunteer work in many service organizations.

Reverend Kook Ho Kim


Beloved of Concordia,
I am excited to be joining you beginning July 1, 2023. I will begin to lead worship with you on July 9, 2023.

My wife, Pastor Ran Yoo, and I are so thankful for everyone who helped by contributing time, prayer, and financial support for our family and the parsonage. We are happy to live in a well-maintained parsonage in the beautiful community of Prairie du Sac.


My full name is Kook Ho (first name) Kim (last name). I am serving at both  Concordia UMC and the U.S. Army Reserve as an Army Reserve Chaplain (CPT). I came to the U.S. as an exchange student at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) in 2009. I studied at Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, IL, for my Master of Divinity.


John Wesley, the founder of the Methodists and Methodist theology, has affected my faith journey and theological perspective. According to French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, “Life is BCD”; in other words, “Life is a Choice between Birth and Death.” His remark led me to reflect on the question about which choices are best for my life? To that end I say, “Jesus Christ!”


Now, to  share my own declaration about Jesus by adding to Simon Peter’s answer to the question, “Who do you say that I am?” (Matthew 16:15), I would love to respond with Matthew 16:16, “You are the Messiah, the son of the living God who led, leads, and will lead God’s whole creation to real hope for salvation in God’s love.”


I am always welcome to more conversation with all of you, especially about matters of faith, Jesus, and my own faith journey. I can’t wait to see all of you at the church!


And remember you are always invited to join our weekly worship service in-person or via livestream.



Pastor Kook Ho Kim



Tanya Bare

Administrative Assistant 

Hello Concordia!

My name is Tanya. Although I am originally from Iowa, I have lived in the Sauk Prairie area for more than 40 years! My kids (can I still call them that?) grew up and went to school here. My son, Gabriel, is 25 and my daughter, Angelica, is 24. Angelica and I both graduated from University of Northwestern—St Paul in 2021. I am now the proud owner of a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and an Associates in Graphic Design.

In other news (haha!) I also work with my sister, Teresa (some of you know her from PT at the hospital), at her store, ReTwist-T, located at 515 Water Street in Sauk City, across from Ace and Vintage! If you’ve never visited, I hope to see you there sometime! We feature the works of more than 50 local artists, artisans, crafters and vintage curators. It is a fun space! My parents, my daughter, and my brother (Travis) and his family also share their creativity at ReTwist-T. I guess that about covers all the interesting tidbits about me!

I am thrilled to be serving here at Concordia.  Thank you for being so kind and welcoming! I look forward to getting to know each of you!